Background of Sari

I.Personal Data

Name Kaun Sari Sex: Male, Age: 35, Date of Birth: 27/05/1987 as Tree of Life Grace Church Cell   Group Leader in Prey Kri Thboung village, Prey Kri commune, Choulkiri district, Kampong Chhnang province.
Place of Birth:  Prey Kri Thboung village, Prey Kri commune, Choukiri district, Kampong Chhnang province.
Present Address Prey Kri Thboung village, Prey Kri commune, Choukiri district, Kampong Chhnang province.
Contact Number:  097 392 5105        Facebook: Kaun Sari

II.Family Situation:

I have 6 siblings, I am the fifth child in my family:
Wife’s Name:              Hae Soveng     Occupation:     Housewife
Daughter’s Name:       Sari Yari          Occupation:     Student
                        Sari Yarin        Occupation:     Kindergarten student
Sari Yaroth                 Occupation:     Kindergarten student
Father’s Name:           Kim Kaun       Occupation:     Die
Mother’s Name:          Rith Rang        Occupation:     Housewife

III.General Education

I’ve learned at Grade 8 in Prey Kri Thboung Secondary School
Any Course of Studying:
Short Course of Conferences, Doulos Academy Foundation, and I’m going to continue to study more at the future.
Five Value that I consider to be most important in my working’s life
Faithfulness:    I have to be faithful in all circumstances.
Friendship:      Closely relationship to other workers and people.
Loyalty:  I have to be kindness, righteousness, Compassion, and Patient
Accountability: I have to accountable for what was happening through me.
Timing:  come to work on time.
Describe the main child’s right
The right to be living
The right to be protecting
The right to receive Education
Visions, Plans and Purposes in serving God:
1/ I want the churches increase and more expansions
2/ I want to have a good place to worship God
3/ I wish to share the gospel any new places and countryside.
4/ I want to see my villagers believe God
            5/ I want to have an English Class   
Sari Testimony

Before Believed God

Before I’ve believed God I am a grieving man and never care about other or my brothers and sisters, when my parents used me to do something I always reject their command, reply them by bad word, when they used me to do this I do that and when they want me to do that I will do this. When I did the wrong thing I don’t want anybody corrects me and never listen somebody else.
Once again when I’ve been married to my wife after a few years I always got anger or wrath to her sometimes I did a violent thing to her and fought her too. When my mom corrects me I never listen to her.
One day I heard the good news about God Jesus through my brother Kim Sororn and he gave me a Bible by encouraging me to read it but unfortunately for 17 years I never read it, instead of I had an anger to him because my parents and my whole family allowed him to continue to study at the province want him to get a good graduation and can support our family but instead of he’s going to believe other God. Even though we anger but he still tries to share the gospel.


I give thanks to god so much because of my brother faithfulness he tries to pray for us for 17 years, he encouraged me times and time again God opens my heart to read the Bible I can see the truth from the bible I started believing Him as my God and savior, from that time on God change live to stop anger to my wife and violent to her I become a newborn in Him trust him try to do good to all the people and my whole family too.

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