Chul kiri and Trea Tboung Cell Group

Preaching and Evangelical at Cell groups

Give thanks to God so much for giving me a Chance to serve Him
Last month I and my Team Work went to visit Chulkiri Cell group there we had met some of my relatives, old friends, brothers, sisters,  neighbours and villagers. for our purpose, we are going forward to our Cell group instead of we have brought some loving gifts like second hand cloths and souvenirs present. in this case, for our cell group members are very poor, hunger and face with lacking what we can do for them only trust God and pray for their need once again we have collected some clothes from one another's to support them or what we could help each other.

Then we passed by from Prey Kry Tboung to the other village call Prey Kry Churng there we have a cell group but when they worship God they come together in one place and then they worship together at village border between Prey Kry Tboung and Prey Kry Churng, There is Cell group member's house was a centre we could come to worship together there.

after we arrived there about a few hours we shared some second-hand clothes to our Cell group members and then we have invited some villagers to pick up some cloth which one they would like.
why we allowed some of the villagers to choose some clothes? it means we want them to see our good thing as an evangelical to them.

when they come to gather together in one place at Home Church or the house of member I have prepared God 's Word to preach, encouraged, and stimulated them to know God more and abide in God's presence and love God more. we stayed with about two to three days by encouraging them, stimulating them, and have good fellowship with them for three days then we say goodbye and come back home

Nearby Cell Group

Even though our Church is near one of our  cell group but we still take good care of them, sometimes we accompanied our big team like Volunteer workers, my wife and my English students

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