Evangelical and Encouragement

On Sunday 13th January 2019 at 3.00 pm

I've brought my wife and my Team Work to visit the old cell group where we have abandanded for one year and attempted to encourage some believers who have disappointed then they stop believing in Christ. even me sometime I've asked God why they believed God only for a while and then when they have had temptation they lefted God.

Reason They Stop Believing God

Why did they stop believing God? three years ago I went there to share the gospel and made the cell group but when we started the first time we try to collect some kids gathertogether in one place then we taucht them the Memorize Verses, Jesus Stories, and Praise song after we finish we have shared some bread and candy to them.

Then after we have done this procedure for two years we attempted to share the good news to their parents likewise, we went house by house to tell them about Jesus then for one year ago we have got two families have accepted Christ. but when they believed God about two or three months they have had temptation because of their husbands commetted on them violation or cuel beating them a gain and again so a few weeks ago they told me sorry Pastor we can not continue to believe GOD any more because her husband warned to divorce them so they decided stop believing God from that time.

One Cell Group Has Colapsed God Gave A New One

Even though this cell group was colapsed but we givethank to God who blesses us to have a new cell group where is my hometown I have prayed to God since 1999 after have accepted Christ as my Saviour but at that time my parent were angried to me so much because they have support me to study at the city because they thought that I will because a good son, have knowledge, got a good education and then will have a brite future but it different from what they expected they known that I became a Christian so they didn't want me to go home but because of God grace I attempted to pray God then he's open their heart and stop warning to go to church and I have a good privelege to have Bible study.

When I've knew God more clearly I try to pray God nearly 20 year just God open my parents heart to accept Him as the Saviour likewise that new cell group was made by me and most of the members are my siblings or my relatives. Thanks God who blessed my younger brother to became a Christian then I've trained him to my Disciple now he can responsible for that Cell group and became a cell group Leader.

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