Grace Church Education

 English Class Activity

Among of my Visions I have some small Education like English Course and computer class, Why we need to have any educations in the Church? Because it is a step to reach out some kids, Adaults, and the Youth to hear God's Word, in this case, when I was young since 1999 I have just removed my studying from Chulkiri district to continue to study at Kampong Chnnang city. At that time I haven't known any body in the town beside my older sister, she has got a husband there then I asked to stay with her for my studying. Any way I have known a girld friend who is my classmate for two years ago when we studied at the countryside school and otherwise her village is near by my village too. Fortunately she has got removed to continue to study at the town too, then after that we had met each other at school again in the same classroom third times and third years.  One day she asked me, Do you want to go to Church and I replied no I did not like Church, and she attempted to invite me two times to go to Church but I said the same answer " No " actually for the third times she said more about her brother and Church services including English class but at last I interested in English class and I decided to go with her but I expressed her by saying I only learning English not believing in Jesus Christ. Then I've known Jesus as my saviour from that time untill now.

 English Class In the Church

Why does the Church should have English class? some reasons or the calling of God are inspired into different ways but for me when I became Christian through English class likewise, I wish to open english class too. Other reason I want some of them to have a chance to hear God's Word even most of them rejected by don't want to go to Church but as Church Leader, Church Worker, Church Minister or Pastor have to encourage them by stimulating them to join Sunday service and Church fellowship, for the main reason we wish them to know God.

Other purpose of Teaching English

1. It is attractive feeling
2. It is the Popular Language
3. It is International Language
4. Be a part of Community, and Society. What does it mean?
 It means:  Can join to help comminity, society, and nation in the purpose to develop our country to be a mordurn country like others in the World.

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