Grace Church Watch and Prayer

Every Saturday we collect some of our Church members, Volunteer Workers, and the Youths to our congregation, in this purpose we would have some suggestions, discussions, prayer request, testimony, encouragement and share some things one another to be abided in the presence of the Lord, this means the strong help the weak and the wise help the fool.

1. Purpose of Watching and Praying

- we pray for the Church process
- we pray for Church's members
- we pray for our nation and government
- we pray for Sunday service
-  we pray Training Course

2. Word Fellowship

Even though we have a fellowship by sharing God's Word, Encourage one another and stimulate them to know God more, taking time to worship God, serve Him, Community Preserve,  serve one another and live by faith, by an example and sharing the love of Christ each other.

3. Cell Group Activity

Next, after we have shared some testimonies, stimulating, Encourage, Motivations, Sharing God's love, we have prayed hard before we go to Cell group. anyway, most of the Churches in Cambodia before they reach out the old and the youth instead of they will reach out the kids first, perhaps it could take a short term or long term depending on Church leaders or Pastors. because a strategy is very easy and useful it is like a ladder to step on from the first stage to the second stage but another way we can start from the youth or adults if we will be able to reach out them by looking for a good opportunity and properly occasion when the instance is available.

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