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Application Apply For a Job

Position Apply For: Evangelist & Church Planter

NameKim Sororn Sex: Male, Age: 39, Date of birth: 20th September 1980
Place of birth:  PreyKri Tboung village, PreyKri commune, Chulkiri district Kampong Chhnang Province.
Nationality:  Khmer
Present address: Chomkatamao village, SraeThmey commune, Rolearpiear district
                        Kampong Chhnang Province.
Contact Number: 0884787447 & 093344206  
Email address:
Facebook Account: Kim Sororn

Family Situation:
                         I have 6 siblings. I am the 3 th Child in my family
                        Wife’s name:          Nuth Sreyneth   Occupation     Factory worker
                        First son’s name:    Khaun Della      Occupation     Student
                        Second son’s name:Khaun Delma    Occupation      Student
                        Third Son’s Name: Khaun Denna    Occupation:       Baby
                        Father’s name:          Kim Khaun         Occupation:        Die
                        Mother’s name:         Rith Rang           Occupation:        Farmer
I’ve studied at Grade 12
Level of School
Name of School
Degree or Certificate
High School
Kampong Chhnang
Secondary School
Kampong Chhnang
Bible School
Good Shepherd Baptist
Kompong Thom
English & Computer Class
Kampong Chhnang
Training Course
Doulos Seminar
Phnom Penh
Bible Training For Pastor Centre
Kampong Chhnang
Being Continued Bachelor
Bible School
Doulos Seminar
Phnom Penh
Being Continued Bachelor


III Work Experiences
2000-2005: I’ve stayed at Orphanage Center, Study at Secondary School and High   School, Help as volunteer worker charge for the youth and children.
Position: Youth Leader
Supervisor’s name:  Khim Sophear Metrey   Supervisor’s Title: Center Manager
Phone Number:        0979535332
2005-2006:   Study Bible School and Training to be a Pastor, go to share the good news at a remote village, Local areas, help the Community and countryside, and

work with the youth and children.
 Position:  Evangelist and Song Leader
Supervisor’s Name:  Ernny Kanja     Supervisor’s Title: Bible School Director
Phone number:         012851047
2007-2016:   Teach English and Share the good news with Children, Youth, and the
                                                            Old in the local area and at a remote village.
Position:  English Teacher and Evangelist
Supervisor’s name:   Keo Joseph      Supervisor’s Title:     Organization Director
Phone number:        0888842270   Email:  
2017-2018:   Teaching English and making new cell group
Position:        English Teacher and Evangelist
Supervisor’s name:   Porn Phalla       Supervisor’s Title:     Organization Director
Phone Number:         093324711          Email:   

2018-2019:   Teaching English and making new cell group, Evangelize, Preaching
Take care of the Churches, Youth Group and Cell groups, Preparing God’s Word for Sunday Service.
Position:        Evangelist, Teacher, Preacher and Pastor
Supervisor’s name:   Phal Thyrith      Supervisor’s Title:     Pastor in charge
Phone Number:         060202808          Email:   

More detail you can contact me through this phone number (015414344)
Email address:

My Hobbies: Free Time 
Internet          Reading Newspaper
Facebook      Watching TV
Volleyball     Homework
Play Tennis   Google

Language Abilities:
                   Reading  Writing  Speaking
Khmer        Good      Good     Good
English       Good      Good     Good
Japanese     Poor       Poor       Poor
Korean       Poor       Poor       Poor

IV Five Value that I consider to be most important in my working’s life
    Faithfulness:  I have to be faithful in all circumstances.
    Friendship:    Closely relationship with other workers and Churches.
    Loyalty:          I have to be kindness, righteousness, Compassion, and Patient
    Accountability: I have to accountable for what was happening through me.
    Timing:     come to work on time and obey leader.

V Describe the main child’s right
1.      The right to be living
2.      The right to be protecting
3.      The right to receive Education

VI Three important risks on Child right abuse in Cambodia
1.      Many children to be laboured hard to help their family
2.      Many children face illegal drugs
3.      Many children are passive domestic violence.

VII Vision and Prayer Request
1.      I want to have a good English class
2.      I want to have a computer class
3.      I need  dormitory for poor student
4.      I want to Go to share the gospel at Local areas, remote villages, and countryside too

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