Student Bible Study

 Evangelical To English Students

 After we open English class for six months we getting started sharing the gospel to them but the first strategy we let them study Memorize verse, Praise song, and Bible Stories, most of them were the little kids who have studied with us for three to four years ago so now they are growing up became adults and youth likewise, they have known God and some have accepted Christ.

Other Main Point For Evangelical To The Students

Only sharing the good news by Bible study, Memorize verse or Praise song it does not adequate because now they grow up they can not do anything like children. in this process, I have to exchange some strategies depending on their ages:
1. Occasion Activity
2. Fellowship
3. Hygienic Program
4. Bring them to some attractive place
5. Bring them to visit the patients at the Hospital

Stimulating Student To Bible Study

In TOL Grace Church we have a schedule to study the Bible, From Monday to Thursday they have an English Class but instead of, on every Friday have got Bible Study and on every Saturday we have watched and prayed for our Church and Sunday service too.

When most of them have faith or strong faith next step we are going to prepare a short course of Bible study for them once per week it means we allow them to take time to read the Bible at least once per week. in this method we let them find out by themselves into the deep meaning of Bible strategy, Bible doctrine when they wonder or don't understand we let them ask a question then we will explain more.

Our Quotation and Prayer

Thank God so much for the last end of the year 2018 to 2019 in our Church have more new believers, few old people and some teenagers who come to God and join Church Activities then we face with lacking the Bible for reading likewise, We want you to keep praying for some Materials like:
1. 30 Bibles for our Churc
2.  30 Khmer Song Books for our Church

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