“Sustaining Leadership Practices for Church Growth in Cambodia” / Part 20 /

5.         5.  Summary 

A growing church needs effective leadership and these effective leaders should be the first to know what is happening and where the church is heading. Somehow, a study of this chapter has provided us so much insight about being an effective leader and how to become an effective pastor for the growth of the churches. Ways to build a stronger team, a leader is an influence, characteristics of a leader, leader leads by example, the stewardship of leadership, and practical challenge of effective leadership all are the crucial principles and criteria for sustaining leadership practices. All leaders can develop themselves by discovering their unique gifts, passion, skills, and callings, and then equip them into the role of effective leadership. Truly, leadership is not some position to obtain, but a channel through which one multiple their influence for the church growth.

I.                    V.  Conclusion 

Practical leadership for church growth is still the main challenge to the local churches in Cambodia. There are many church leadership issues in the early church which the author has experienced and it is still ongoing to the church today, but it just took on different forms. The issues that we see in leadership are small sometimes but they can establish an extremely destroy the church from its growth. There is no growth that can happen, and the work of God comes to a standstill. Then after the study of this thesis, church leaders of any denomination in Cambodia will understand better about what cause leaders into trouble of leadership role, ways to deal with it, and willing to learn the new thing of effective leadership principles in order to sustain for their leadership practices on church growth. Indeed, the accurate and precise identification of church management issues and its growth in the different corner of the world and everywhere in Cambodia are very important in order to design strategies which can help the church to grow and mature.

Certainly, “Sustaining Leadership Practices for Church Growth” has helped us to understand broadly about how much importance of the leadership role to the growth of the church. There are many local churches operating with structures that limit growth, inhibit development, and impose artificial boundaries of their ministry. More or less, the concern is this; the average churches in Cambodia are doomed to continued decline and eventual death. Then what is needed is an effective leadership reformation. Churches need effective leadership. What is a minister and what does a leader do? As long as churches continue to define leaders by title, position, or task, they will continue to struggle to effectively new leaders. According to the discussion above, leaders can come with all shapes, skills, and styles. Somehow, it will be useless if leaders do not want to put all of their skills, talents and gifts into practice. “Sustaining Leadership Practices for Church Growth” is all about how leaders strengthen their leadership skills and put them all into practices in order to develop the church for its growing.   

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