“Sustaining Leadership Practices for Church Growth in Cambodia” / Part 19 /

4. practical challenge: applicability of leadership principles to the actual church situation in Cambodia

sensible challenge: applicability of management principles to the proper church state of affairs in Cambodia

A excellent chief is a appropriate learner; earlier than he or she can steer they have to study. Leadership, indeed, can be discovered and applied to the actual church if it is match to the neighborhood context and culture. There are several practical challenges of management ideas that we could practice to the actual church situation in Cambodia. First of all, every pastor, church chief and its contributors in Cambodia must comprehend that they can be explored their gifts, talents, calling, ability, know-how and absolutely strengthen their management potential inside the context of their neighborhood churches. Somehow, I choose to emphasize that this does now not imply everyone’s destiny is uniquely and solely in their own churches; nevertheless, there is a unique developing leader’s ownership within the work-field of the churches in Cambodia are willing to sustain them.

Second, my recommendation is that all neighborhood church buildings in Cambodia want to have tremendous leaders, or it will no longer function. Traditionally, in choosing and identifying whether or not which variety of leader can pick out to lead the church; frequently it consists quite a few social and cultural contexts which are related. Leaders can come in all conditions, sizes, shapes, colors, lively and passive with the varying nature, character, temper, outlook, and persona however they all appear to share the identical context; such as: guiding vision, passion, trust, integrity, and curiosity.[1] One leader prefers to speak much less but the different prefers to communicate a lot and the subsequent one is even extra insightful or meditative. As the same token, one is a passion or on fire, while the different is retained. One may additionally lead with the aid of quietly, however the different may also lead with a cheerful movement. In this process, Leadership is hard to outline and even tough to quantify due to the fact it is one section among st purpose, section process, and part product; phase the way and part the how; section the artistic and intuitive and only part the managerial [2] said, Cronin.

With the end result that in an extremely tough and difficult about church’s environment in Cambodia, I would love to provide feedback that pastors and church leaders these days should exercise with the practice of what we have discovered from the contextualization of high quality leadership principles. In accordance with, Gary H. Quehl asserts that “Leaders in all work fields need to be having greater education, dedication and operation in an environment that defies rational order and prediction.”[3] On the basis of what Gary has noted above about greater education, commitment, and operation are evenly actual for Cambodia church management today. In the practicality of selecting leadership, this attribute reveals that church leaders in Cambodia had been selected because of their education.[4] Somehow, Cornell West suggests that we need to ask church leaders and pastors to take accountability, culpability, and answer ability for controlling what is much less and less controllable[5]. While this may additionally involve those viable leaders who do have any educational background, it may no longer be the case. Leadership will become greater vital than administration because it takes a leader to invent techniques to enhance our organization’s adaptation to current and future circumstances.[6]

Third, new church leaders and pastors are required to have a comprehensive equipping earlier than they can be employed to lead the churches. Dag Heward-Mills reminds us that, “Your aspiration for church increase will naturally lead you to work with many exceptional people. Then the act of recruiting new humans frequently leads to the destruction of the ministry. Be careful that you do now not stop up destroying what you are making an attempt to build.”[7]  An settlement between church leaders, pastors, and congregations should be made in order to consider the pleasant strategies for using the new leaders and methods how to educate them to turn out to be nice and conceivable one. Some people may additionally advocate that “one on one” is the accurate methodology for education new pastors or church leaders whichever done, for they will have enough time to study and boost all the management abilities and techniques. Somehow, if they can't organize it well with the equal treatments; such as time management, support, and assistant ship of their developing and equipping new leaders, then it ought to be created a lot of controversies within their churches. In other words, fairly have to be made among st all the candidates. In the term of above case, this might also be an ascribing or imputing reason for why churches are now not fascinated or afraid of recruit new leaders. Despite the reality that church buildings face many challenges in education or equipping new leaders however at the equal time church buildings have to strive with all their quality for these leadership developments. Churches can't grow besides the sustaining of leadership practice. Somehow, the Cambodia church buildings have to accomplice their priorities with their principles and policies.

Along the lines of the fantastic leadership improvement process, church buildings must be certain about their policies, priorities, and principles of management training. A question to be raised here, what do we imply by way of management development process? In reference to this, Aubrey Malphurs and Will Mancini draw their conclusion that “Leadership improvement is the procedures of assisting leaders at each degree of ministry assesses and increase their Christian character and to acquire, reinforce, and refine their ministry expertise and skills.”[8] The new good pastors or leaders that church buildings have selected will respond correctly to their tasks and ministries when they have been outfitted and understand them well in what function is meant to be accomplished. Choosing and equipping the proper leader, church will have a large transformer. Collins talked about the precedence and advantage of receiving and coaching the right chief in a church before the church asks them to do some thing else. He stated if an business enterprise has the proper wonderful leaders inside the church, they will do the whole lot with all their strength to establish a superb mission, no longer because of what they will ‘get’ for it, but due to the fact they genuinely cannot think about settling for some thing less.”[9] Hence, the church makes certain that the method of these selecting and equipping leaders ought to be comprehensive sufficient that it absolutely develops leaders, and these leaders are the future of church life.

Fourth, leader wants to be a learner, and then it is no doubt that management can be learned. It is just very clear and visible pattern of leader’s characteristics, commitment, and applicability improvement in order to maintain the leadership practices. “Effective leaders are constantly reflecting on and getting to know about their exercise in a range of ways,”[10] are mentioned among st Debbie Garvey, Andrea Lancaster, and National Children’s Bureau. Therefore, any talent of management can be learned, sharpened, strengthened, improved, and developed via the commitment, motivation and wish of learners, through the use of the practice, advice, and equipping. For instance, the research explores that when we pay attention to the growth of leaders who take part in leadership improvement programs, they will enhance from time to time. They are studying to be better leaders.[11] A question is wished to be requested here, what variety of gaining knowledge of do church leaders in Cambodia need? As has been mentioned above, management as steward, the humility of being a leader, the mannequin of leader’s life, leader’s potential and their characteristics need to be skilled and learned. In Psalm 78:72 offers that, “So he shepherded them in accordance to the integrity of his heart, and guided them via the skillfulness of his hands.”[12] It is in a similar way that the most fantastic church management teaching need to be deal with the skillful hands and integrity of the leader’s heart. Hence, leaders have to train their information era leaders to have sensible abilities of management along with a humble and devoted heart in serving.

At ultimate but no longer least, churches in Cambodia have to be taught, understood, and applied the fantastic leadership strategies in order to take root in the lives of leaders if they are to impart his Christian country-view to their churches as well. Currently, it is honest to say that congregations are not robust because it is statistically established that almost 70% of professing believers are no longer lively in their congregations.[13] Then this is not a signal of power or growing, this is a sign of weakness, immaturity and dying. Congregational of the church ought to be part of fingers with their leaders and pastors to work together for the ministry of the gospel. There is want of more investment and sources into the lives of church leaders in Cambodia in order to help them boost into mature leaders who no longer solely apprehend a Christian worldview but live it out every day and assist others to do the same.

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