“Sustaining Leadership Practices for Church Growth in Cambodia” / Part 18 /


3,2 Effective leaders lead by way of Example

Most people usually say that in order to follow someone, one desires to watch their “example”. Then what does it suggest by means of advantageous leaders need to lead by using “example”? “Example is now not the principal component in influencing others…it is the only thing”[1], responded through Albert Schweitzer. However, I disagree to his concept, due to the fact main with the aid of “good example” and “bad example” is the two matters that will be influenced so a great deal to the characteristics, essential thinking, and habits of your followers. To make it greater unique here, I would love to discuss two mannequin leaders in the Bible: Moses and Joshua. As we have known, Moses was one of the incredible leaders, who led the greatest of oppressed, fledgling, slavery, and disconnected people of Israel out of Egypt into the godly nation. Moses may additionally no longer a best leader however he was once a trustworthy and obedience one. In Hebrews 11, Moses has earned an admirable, a respectable, an honorable, and a praiseworthy from his advantageous of leadership. Next, Joshua was once the subsequent chief of Israelite after Moses. He was once Moses’ follower. There are many types of right management examples that we can be seen in Moses that made Joshua such a phenomenal, incredible, and prodigious leader in the history after Moses. two

Initially, Joshua accompanied Moses in the forty years sojourn[2]. Then he could see and recognize very well about Moses’ leadership style. Being a follower, you need to spend a lot of time to examine and comply with your leader. Indeed, each chief is confronted with the task of how they will see their leader’s example. In order word, surely they cannot see their leaders for who they ought to be till they have seen themselves for who they  be. Secondly, Guided by way of God on his obedience, Joshua made the Israelite crossed the flooded Jordan river a a lot smaller compared to his predecessor[3]. It looks that Moses and Joshua shared a similar fate[4]. Moses led the Israelite to cross the Red Sea and Joshua led the Israelite to move the Jordan river, that how it in shape through following the footprint or example of one leader. Effective leaders have made the decision that their management style is no longer their own, but with the aid of seeing the example of different nice leaders. Thirdly, Moses chose Joshua to be the next leader, for he used to be the one having most skilled among the pilgrims[5]. Then Joshua himself additionally selected to be led through his desire for the Israelite above willingness, pleasure, passion, energy or privilege. At closing but now not least, he additionally showed a triumphing of management and established how he may additionally observe Moses’ example. Moses trained and molded Joshua to succeed. What Moses wished to do was once no longer simply solid super visions and shared his leadership approach to Joshua, but he let him watched everything of his great model of management and utilized it. The best ministry and mission have achieved every time leaders knew how to switch their deeds trip to their followers and at the equal time followers must accept it and do it with a devoted heart.

In general, churches constantly want church leaders like Moses and Joshua. They are being capable to train other leaders up by their excellent examples. Pastors, church leaders who are leading the teenagers of God, have to be led from the kingdom of God to the glory of God. In different words, when leaders can set a very good example for their followers and their followers become different good leaders of God’s people; that capacity that they are constructing God’s kingdom and this kingdom is the glory to God. Leading through excellent instance leaders, are like the ones located in the Scripture, inclined to get hold of coaching from others, follow the top example, and accepting personal responsibility by means of ignoring this world’s mold, and deciding on Christ’s mission by using organising God’s values for their lives and maintaining their eyes on the prize no count number what!

 3.3. two Characteristics of  Christian Leader

Without a doubt, traits of Christian leaders are totally extraordinary from the worldly leaders. Through the writer of “Being Leaders: The Nature of Authentic Christian Leadership”, Aubrey Malphurs, offers an opinion that “Christian leaders are the stewards with the trustworthiness, reliability, integrity, credibility, sincerity and skills to have an effect on and inspire different humans in a particular context to pursue their God-given direction.”[6] Somehow, one might define that Christian leaders are born when the people of stewardship characteristics, knowledgeable, competent, and proficient, are referred to as to have an effect on and inspire the church of God to fulfil God’s plan. Being a godly leadership, one must have the calling from God, the coronary heart of prayer, the mind-set of doing a thing, the competence of assisting others and be the one with the stewardship leadership. As the equal token, the most two frequent denominators are about the characteristics of leaders, which associated to the trustworthiness of leaders and the competence accountabilities of leaders. According to, John Borek, Danny Lovett, and Elmer Towns draw a conclusion that, “Characteristics of Christian leaders are defined as habitually doing the proper component in God’s eyes and act in the right way of God’s guidance.”[7] Next, Christian leaders and pastors need to be matured in spirit.

The church desires leaders and pastors with sturdy belief and is mature in their spirit for steward leadership and fantastic leadership. It is very authentic and very fundamental for leaders to have spiritual maturity due to the fact it is an exquisite crucial non secular lifestyles in their qualification for management in the nearby church. Somehow, most of the churches have concern to measure whether or not their nearby church leaders and pastors obtained religious maturity or not. How do you be aware of when your pastors and church leaders have spiritually matured in their leadership? Some church buildings may say or examine their leaders or pastors via the tenure term in the ministry; it ability about the period of time of those leaders have been in the church, or by the impression, feeling, and sense. Somehow, there are quite a lot of confusions in measurement, estimate, and assessment of some churches that referred to that its leaders have a variety one qualification for leadership, whilst they are now not mature in their non secular existence and are driving the church into a very dry road. Local churches in Cambodia want a method to decide if an character suits the skills for leadership.

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