Sustaining Leadership Practices for Church Growth in Cambodia”/ Part 5 /

3.1.Leaders are lacking leadership and management skills

Leadership and management skills are very essential for church leaders. To be effective in church growth, as a leader, it requires a skillfully move in leadership and management, otherwise, we are not in the right direction with the right element of confidence, having the right objectives, and the right means of getting there. Many church leaders and pastors in Cambodia do not know how to lead and run their church properly, they don’t know how to cooperate and manage people according to their talents. Joseph Dele Tunji introduces that “The main issue for church leadership is facing today is the area of managing people. Many leaders in the local church lack the people’s skill because people who are placed in the wrong place of leadership cause most of the issues in the local church.”[1] As mentioned above, the way of Cambodian church selects their leaders, namely, are not the proper way to do so. They intend to leaders and managers but they are lacking strong leadership and management skills.  

Milosevic, Dragan Z, Russ Martinelli, and James M Waddell agree that “Strong management skills are needed to manage the ministry and make sure the ministry is accomplished productively. And at the same time, strong leadership skills are needed to ensure that the followers are performing as a single entity that identifies with the ministry more than their functional specialty and that they remain focused on a common vision of what they are trying to achieve.”[2] But the issue to church leaders in Cambodia is that they rarely have resources directly support the ministry, they have no strong leadership and management skills to establish relationships to focus, motivate, and influence the church mission team. And it is pretty easy to aware a ministry that is led by church leaders or pastors who are lacking leadership skills. It is usually defined as a failure grouping of practical specialists who operate only within their ministry of specialty, practical plans and goals take precedence over a common vision and objective, and there is a high level of dysfunction between the practical leadership elements on the church ministry too.   

 Can church continue to grow within an unhealthy leadership and management skills? The answer to that question is probably no because a poor leader or poor manager has no plan, vision, dream, or goal for his or her ministry. However, many churches in Cambodia have set their plans to enlarge the church ministry, but just planning without taking action is useless. In addition to that, they never follow up what are they going to do.  As a result, many churches are dying and even close its door afterwards. Some churches are suffering from a poor of leadership skill; they don’t know where to go next, for they are just like the small ship in the bid stormy-sea without leadership. Again, the church that is run with the lacking of leadership and management skills could be affected every level of the church.

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