“Sustaining Leadership Practices for Church Growth in Cambodia” / Part 2 /


What does it mean by church leadership and management? Is there any issue in the practical church leadership and management? Does the crisis of church leadership and management stop the church from its growing? What are the effective leadership principles able to help the church to grow? Without a doubt, the purpose of this thesis will make a study on the leadership and management issues that the author has come across in his own church and as well as those issues that he has heard and seen about. On the other hand, this thesis has a major impact on leadership and management which related to the growth and health of the local church in Cambodia. The practice of church leadership issues will be discussed here; a study of church leadership skills from biblical perspectives also included, and finally, an expectation on the study of effective leadership principles can help strengthen the church to grow.   

There are three chapters in this work, in which the chapter one the author particularly offers an introduction about the definition of leadership and management; at the same time, he is going to raise some leadership and management issues that he has experienced. Issues in a church leadership role, issues in church leadership ethics, and issues in using power and privilege of leadership will be discussed deeply in chapter one. Next, in chapter two the author will do a further study of leadership and management skills from the book of Nehemiah 2&3. Chapter two intends to infer the management and leadership style from the building of Jerusalem’s wall. Moreover, with references to Ch2-3 from the Book of Nehemiah, four insights were drawn namely, planning, organizing, leading and controlling. In addition to that, many management concepts will be in included in the chapter such as thinking, planning, prioritize, empowerment, motivation, mission-driven, communication skills, cultivate a sense of belonging and passion…etc. However, some leadership and management techniques will be elaborated in order to help the church for its growing.

There are, indeed, many kinds of church growth are found in the Christian world today, each varying from people to people, from generation to generation, and from denomination to denomination. Understanding the sustainable of church growth and its leadership practice is impossible unless we apprehend the many different types of leadership skill and their various stages. At the same time, many churches stop growing and become static enclaves of comfortable middle-class Christian. They feed the hungry, visit the sick, clothe the naked, build attractive houses of worship, train leaders, and influence society for good, but they do not grow. Some churches are even dying. Why church stop from its growing? Why it is dying? How to help them to grow again? Then chapter three of the thesis will be talked with several elements of effective leadership and the practical challenges of applicability in order to sustain the church to grow. Those elements of effective church leadership and management and some more biblical examples are the enrichment of the whole thesis. 

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