TOL Grace Church Christmas Activity Last Year 2018

Tree of Life Grace Church

 Church Christmas Activity Last Year 2018
            On Sunday 30th December 2018 in my Church have had celebrated Christmas we have had invited 110 people to come to join our Christmas including Children, Adults, Youths, and the old but most of them are our Church members, English students, Co-Workers, Relatives, Cell group Leaders, Cell group members and inter denomination leaders. Otherwise, this year we change some method, for example, like before we have invited most of the unbelievers to come because in our mindset we want them to hear God ‘s word but for this year we have invited most of believers and English student’s friends, instead of we have some suggestions we wish to change new strategies in this process we want to encourage our English Students, Team Works, the elder and some Volunteer workers by preparing some gift or presents for them all and we buy some materials for our Church like 15 T-shirts and a Speaker System. Why we need this thing? And what does it means?
1.        T-shirt is symbolic of a Church Team Work, Unity, and Cooperate, represent as unity or Work together, go together and serve God together.
2.      A Speaker System is for loud voice speaker, Praising song, and Worshiping God

The preacher in our Christmas:
in this case, I have known a pastor from united states his name is Dick Matthew we have known each other for three to four years when Inter denomination Pastor Association were invited me to interpret in a conference so from now on we have a good relationship then I invited him to preach at my Church on Christmas day.

Food in Christmas Ceremony:
            Before we held Christmas Ceremony we have a meeting and had voted to choose what food we would like but after we have finished most of my Churches they have chosen Khmer Noodle. But in this case, after our Christ has finished we got some good results like:
1.       We got fifteen T-shirts for our Church
2.      We got a big Speaker System
3.      Five English Students who have left school and Church now they have come back and they promise to come to study or come to Church frequently.
4.      Most of Churches members got encouragement and willing to serve God
5.      We have a Church committee.
6.      We have a training Course for our Church for training Cell group members and English students to be my disciples.

Offering Supporting:
1.       We got 100$ from TOL
2.      We got 40$ from our Church members
3.      After finished we got 35.28$

Sum up of our Christmas:
7.      Food
8.     Material
9.      Water
10.  Transportation
·         Totally for all our Christmas Expenses 175.28$          Signature by:

Date: 30.12.2018  Kim Sororn

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