Vision and Plan for TOL Grace Church Great Commission

Prayer Moment
I have prayed for the Church Planting and Church growth in Cambodia.
Grace Church Great Commission is working for Evangelization, Community Pre-serve, Church Planting, English Teaching, Make New Cell Group, Disciple-Making, we have a vision and dream that we would love to plant more Cell Groups make disciples in the New Year 2019 and send them out to their villages to evangelize and then make them be Churches.
Your prayer and supports to our Ministries are much appreciated.

Church Planting Plan 
I am Kim Sororn. I am a Church Minister and an Evangelist who work and serve God in Kampong Chhnang province, I have been working in Tree of Life Missionary Network since 2006 until now is nearly 10 years when I came to work here through Great Aunt Thun Touch, she had invited me to work there as an English Teacher but as volunteer worker about three to fourth months just I’ve got about 60$/month monthly offering.

Becoming A Christian
I have been a Christian through Pastor Heng Kimhai, He is a Pastor and he has opened a center to take care of Orphan there he has an English Class When I heard that he had an English class, an idea or my mind I only thought that it is good if I can learn English without paying the school fee because I am a poor student, but when my friend invited me to join to study I’ve known that Pastor Heng Kimhai is a Christian he has believed God Jesus many years. so I asked him one question and I thought in my mind maybe he could not answer my question, so I started asking him, “Who made the world and created everything?’’ but I remembered that he didn’t answer me instead of immediately he allowed me to wait for him a few seconds and he went into his house by bringing a Holy Bible in his hand and he has opened me on Genesis 1:1-31. When I have started reading immediately what I feel so amazing because what I have seen everything and word in the Bible are truly everything which I always wonder many years ago. At that time I mentioned only Chapter one and verse one it was written “In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth” so my heat tells me oho! This is the True God who you are waiting for a long time ago and now you meet Him. Likewise, from that time and on I try to worship Him and go to Church every Sunday.

After Became a Christian
Next step after I became a Christian I’ve to learn many things from my Pastor for Example Bible Study, Memories Verses, Praising Song, Evangelize, Cell Group Maker and English Language. Other occasionally my pastor has encouraged or stimulated me to take time to join some short course of Bible studies, Conferences, Training Courses, and some seminars Instead of, I’ve been a Christian through English class. After that for my Vision, I wish to open an English class. Likewise, I keep praying for:
1. English Class
2. Computer Class
3. Dormitory for Poor Student
4. Zone Evangelical
5. Local Training

In some cases. I have to find more occasionally or opportunity to reach out to the lost soul to Christ but I have to find out the new strategy what can I do for Him? All humans should I have many mindsets, different Idea and get some motivation. Likewise, I might be thinking to take some action to attract the Kids, the Youth, and the Old to hear God’s Word then they could come to Church
Or can join Christian Activities, below are my Strategies and Visions.

I. English Class:
Now I have an English class but here have many English classes so our English class does not have many students come to study because some students think that they don’t like Christian class, some family thinks that when their sons and daughters come to study, later on, maybe they will believe Jesus Christ. Instead of some parents thinks that most Christians are a good person so when their children come to study here later on their children will become a good person too. Even though our class have littles students but at least 15 and over students come to study, the reason why we open an English class because want them to hear the Word of God, have a chance to worship God, join the church activities, one day they will have an opportunity to believe Him as their Lord and their Savior. 

II. Computer Class:
Cambodia is a developing country so what important things for them are Technologies. Likewise, please keep praying for computer class if we have a computer class I think that many students will come to join us to study with us. After they come to study, it is a good opportunity for us to share the good news about Jesus Christ. Because if we have some materials to attract them it is a good way. In Kampong Chhnang it is not so many computer classes instead of if we have that class maybe it can be attractive some students come to study. When they join to study we should have any activities like Fellowship, Playing Game, Learn song gesture, Khmer traditional dance, and lets them have Bible study or invite them to come to church. Last I think that at least some of them will believe after they try to go to church many times and they will have an opportunity to hear the Word, have an opportunity to decide and compare Who God is! And believe Him and want to serve Him like us too.

III. Dormitory for Poor Student: 

Some students who their families are Riches and have a good situation can have a good opportunity to learn and finished Diploma or Bachelor but most of the students in Cambodia have no opportunity to learn at a good school and finished even though High School, Diploma or Bachelor. Because the family situation is not good. Some students forced to stop learning at Grades 8, 9,10,11,12 and some have failed examination, otherwise because their parents have no abilities to support them to graduate from any school. all kind of these students, they have no choices, what they will do are serving at some small shop, as a waiter in a restaurant, a worker, Factory worker, a hard labor, or leave their village and country to other country like Korea to work for supporting their families, but some will become bad boys and bad girls by using drug abuse. And drug sellers.

What I have described above is what happens in my country's situation. It is true but what I want to do, I need prayer first for some supporters to have Dormitory for poor students. In Kampong Chhnang province has 8 districts for our plan we want to reach out 8 districts to God but the best way if we have dormitory we can choose some poor students from above districts to stay with us and support or equip them some materials like Computer class, Bible study, and train them beside their school. I hope that after they finished or graduate in grade 12 most of them have known God clearly, they will become their local Leaders.

IV. Zone Evangelical: 
Besides teaching English and take care of my Churches. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening going to share the good news from one village to one village. I mentioned in (Matt 28:19-20) God wants us to go to Stimulate all of the nations, to teach them, to make them be Disciples, let them hold all His Commands and Baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

What I’ve described above I hope that it would be transformed for the old year to new year and new strategies in 2019 I want many people to be saved. Likewise, I have to make Evangelical Teams and do more activities even hard or have many troubles but I know that God’s time is at hand I don’t want to waste the time. Some more activities we go house by house, village by village but we have to Target locations and Prepare the weekly, monthly, and yearly Schedule punctually.
V. Local Training:
After we’ve gone to share the gospel through any villages when some people accepted Christ as their Lord and savior we have to take time to visit them, take care of them, and prepare the Schedule to train them frequently if we don’t do that they can’t grow in faith to become a strong Christian or can’t bear more fruits but instead of we’ve to be patient until they can bear more fruits and have a heart to serve and humble mindset in the salvation of God.

In the year 2019 I make new Team Work in this process I want to make a new page of my Church experience, I have chosen two models in my Church planting:
     Jethro Model
1.   5 X 5 Model
2.   G 12 Model
What is the 5 X 5 Model? It is the Jethro Model of How to control the Churches or Cell group strategy, maybe if you hear that some you will wonder or don’t understand what does it mean? But it, not a new thing it extracts from the Old Testament while Moses was led the Israelites from Egypt. In this case, we use it to make a new Cell group, one leader has guided 5 people in the Group and 5 x 5 = 25 members totally.
What is G12? G12 means 12 Disciples in this procedure we have to go out to share the gospel and then after we some cell group members we will choose only 12 among some of them to be our disciples and train them to become cell group leaders like you too.

Other Senses
For my work now besides what I’ve done above I am a facilitator like translator some documents, from Khmer to English and from English to Khmer to help Pastor Phal Thyrith and Pastor Phin Kosal and help more activities like Evangelical Platform, Christmas time, share some presents, Visiting the Churches, and counsel somethings else.

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