Church Monthly Reporting

Share the case this month which either gave you encouragement/ discouragement.
- The case which give us discourage in our Church have no enough Bibles and Song Books for our Church members.
- We wonder why most of visitors from Hong Kong don’t go to visit our Church or what wrong with us?
- The case which give us have encouragement this month in our church have new comer and new believer because the grace of God who has healed the old lady who could not walk for nearly two years but when we come to share the good news about five to six months by taking care of her and pray for her so now she could walk and accepted Christ the same day.;

            Tree of Life Grace is a small Church where get supported from Hong Kong Team Work, even though I’ve just been become a pastor only a short time then every things were change but I still trust and give thanks to God. Only one year since I’ve become a Pastor but I can see the Grace of God stay upon me, now I have seven helpers who have loved God, Trust God, Faithful, have humble mindset, sincere to serve the people who the real people of God like Sister Lot Mial Tey, Voan Chantha, Rathana, Nuth Srey Neth, Keo Saruem, Chum Long and Kaun Sari. They are very good people who want to see the Church grow, the members increase, have a willing to see the Church Developing and expansion.  

            Because of us have united one another last day we went to visit the poor, the believers, and target people who we have encouraged or shared the gospel then we asked her did you have a waist chain or any magic power in you after that she said that she has got, then the next step we try to explain more about the power of God and the power of Satan. We would like her to choose if she choose the power of Satan then she will be controlled by the demon posses or Satan then she will not walk for a whole life but instead of, if she accepted Christ she will get power from God so she could walk then she replied that she will accept Christ as her Lord and Savior them at the moment God has done the perfect miracle to give the strength on her legs then we let her walk by saying “In the name of Jesus Christ you can walk” then she has started walk slowly slowly and now she can walk.  

Church Situation

       Even though some bad and good still happen to us but we still give thanks to God for our Church situation now have some good news and bad news too, it means 50% up and 50% down, now most of English students and the youth team were took down or were absence from our school then we are not stay tune about these problems we have to find some solutions by asking some of the students who come to study frequently or punctually and sometime our Volunteer Team Work went to ask their families. But after they came back they report to me, some of them went to another school nearby because some Christian school has just open recently then some students were attractive by some stuffs, materials, some books, shoes, and some money if some students go to church punctually or frequently. The main reason because our church don’t have some visitors come to visit us have some program with the kids, have some stuffs, materials, some books, shoes, and some money to attractive them.

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