Mission To Domboukkrohorm Cell Group

Mission To Domboukkrohorm Cell group
By the way to Domboukkrohorm village nearly arrive the village our Tuk Tuk has got flat then we call to our churches to take us there by another Tuk Tuk.

When we arrived we say Hello each other or greeting other by the warm hand and the love of Christ. Even though it is so far a way but I still bring my wife and my Team work because we want to serve God as a Team or wpe can have a part with God.

Thanks God so much who blesses a lady to accept Christ the same day then we have prayed for accepting Him, other case, our team work Hung sinann she is a faithful one who always try to connect with our cell groups members, cell group leaders and the people village by village. She is good at sharing the gospel and encourage them, she had preached about how to trust God, how to love one another, how to abide in Him. Then after she finished her sermon I've encouraged them more and stimulated them to have strong faith.

Other case, Hung Sinann and her disciple Meas Sock Mean have some love offering or we can say the rice pack from her field then she had offered to the poor and the cell group members.

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