Our Mission To Chulkiri District

Give thanks to God who blesses us to have an opportunity to serve Him and as a part of His kingdom, On Monday 4th March 2019, I and my wife and Kosorl Phin went to visit our Cell group Call Chulkiri Faith where is my own hometown I was spend my childhood there from my birth until I was nineteen years old I've just known Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord.

      Maybe about two hours just we arrived there then we arrived the Leader house who is my younger brother his name is Sari. He is so faithful one who wish to see God's kingdom there more expasion, especially he is humble man who want to serve God because he wants the people there to accept Christ got ssved by the grace of Him.
     Even though he is not getting support from some one but he is still want to serve the Evangelical. because he know about the call of God to serve not to be served, likewise, I have to pray, encourage, stimulate and motivate him more how to serve God. How can we serve God? Unless we don't serve the people on this universe, it starts from your family and your neigburs. Your family are your wife, sons and daughters and your siblings, your parents and your relative and your parents in law.

Give thanks for Pastor.Kosorl who has collected some second hand cloth to share as loveing gifts for brother and sisters in christ there. Of course there are so happy when they have got presents, we didn't only bring the Word of God but we brought some stuffs for them. How can they see the grace of God if we don't show by our attitude or charactoristict especially by.our heart.

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