Sharing The Good News and Visiting Students 's Parents

Visiting English Student

Last day while I was studying at Doulos Institution my wife had called me, she tool me about one of my English student she was bited by a dog then my wife went to check on some clinics or at Kampong Chhnang Referal Hospital but did not meet her because we gad passed each other. Then I I have encouraged my wife try to visit her or could help some things we could help.

Her Family Brought Her Home

Immediately her parent had brought her from private clinic after she has got treated.
Next day my wife and our Team work came together to find her house.  Few hours ago they were found her house, after they arrived her home my wife has asked some question about the fact or what happened to hrr daughter and she said that because a small pupy has run passed by the road then while her daughter rid a bike bycicle there she has hit a small puppy, immediately a dog mother run to bike her many time on tigh sideback.

A Dog Owner Paid 50$ For The Victim

Likewise, the dog owner had known mistakes and what happened to a small girl then they solve the pronlem by saying so sorry and paid 50$ for victim family. Now give thanks to God for blessing her to recover and became better.

Visiting The Victim Student and Her Mother

Next after I came back from Phnom Penh then I and Pastor Thyrith have a small Friendship Football Match it is only Testing between my and his Team.
Then the next day I have brought my Church Team Work and one of older English student went to vidit them  and encouraged them too.

Visiting and Evangelical Opportunity

Beside saying welcome and say hello to one another I took time to tell her and her daughter to hear a good news about the salvation of Christ by asking her did you know who was made you and the universe thrn she said she did not who was made.
After that I explain her about Jesus is the truth, living God and the Creator of this world. But she responded that she will think about these and if she has any problems sge prays to first.

Praying For The Whole Family And God's Protection

Finally, before leave we asked her let us pray for some protection of God so God will bless them and whole family, because what we could not do but God could do, we hope that one day God will open their heart to accept Christ.

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