TOL Grace Church Team Matching With Tree of Life Church on Saturday 30th 2019

The Preparation Before Playing

New Teams New Generations For TOL Grace Church and TOL KC Team On 30th Saturday March 2019 We have prepare a small Friendship Match it is as Testing Match to know each other like the way we would like introduce some of them then after they know one another we will join with our Team and could practice to play with each other.

Before Football Matching

On Saturday 30th March 2019 TOL Grace Church Team has matched with Tree of Life Church Team in this match we only would like to build our relationship between youth team and youth team because a mong of them there are many new comers or new members. 

We are Waiting For The Other First Matching

Even though it is a small friendship matching we want to build as a strong football Team. Unfortunately we date to have a match without a schedule plan then it is took so long time just our team could have a match, next we will prepare schedule to match because it not easy to match without a schedule.

They are warming Up Before Matching

Before they are playing it is normally of Football habit it must be warming up their muscle then they just play. This case, we wish to pray for these two teams could join together to become strong teams then we could have a good priveledge to match with other teams in Kampong Chhnang province.

They Get Good Advice and Introduction 

Generally not only Football match or any sports, they are not only have a good playing, good Team, Enough materials, good uniform or strong Team but the main point they must be get some educate and good advice, in a real situation some matching face with any problems too. But we still have a good policy to advoid from any harmful likewise, they will get some introduction too.

Vision In Making Football Team

Why do we make football Team? What does it mean of football matching?
We are Christians maybe no need to make any matching it is like a gambling if have some matching they will want to win one another or they fight again each other of course before we have that kind of experiences. But the good reason why do we need to build Football Team we wish to share the good news to them, we want them to hear, to see, to know who is the truth snd a real God who countrol in this universe.

Good Opportunity For Them To Accept Christ on Jesus's Time

When they join our team we will have some fellowships, Retreat, Christmas or some Church programs then an occasionally they will be invited to join time and time again God will show them the good way to know Him then one day they will accept Him as their Lord and Savior

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