A Couple Accepting Christ and Baptism

Accepting Christ and Baptism

Give thanks to for a couple they are friend if Chantha and Rathana they've known each other when they went to work at Thailand, then one day God has called to back to serve Him as Voulunteers worker in TOL Grace Church.
Even though Chantha and his wife come back to serve God with but they still have good rekationship with both of them, for his wife has been accepted Christ when she was young, but before she has known God she live her family by the way for her family is too poor and her father has gone away so her family have a burden, likewise, they could not support the whole family then her mother let her to stay and live with her great aunty abd uncle, but unfortunately they have treated to her very cruel or violated. She force to stop living there went to find a job as ia young girl can do, by the Grace of she met a Christian family they also faithful and treated many good things to her as their own daughter. From that time she noted that they has believed Jesus then she has faith to God, then one day she has got a husband but unfortunately her husband is not good enough then they were divorced.

Then after that she was divorced, after that because of family situation are not good she has decided to work at Thailand then she worked there she met another man then they were married, then they have known Chantha and his wife. By the way because chantha is Christian he encourage her to abide with God, once again her husband is unbeliever, he is a drunken man but by her faith has prayed to God always then because have some stimulations from Chantha they try to share the gospel to him now he has accepted Christ then he lets me pray for him to accept Christ.
Then occassionally, they let me to Baptise them the same day and we have brought some believers including two old ladies the one who always a drunken woman and a small one has got an accidented and got well by the power of prayer

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