Bring New Believers to Visit New Believers

Fortunately, after two of them accepted Christ and have baptism we took time to visit brothers and sisters in Christ and we have prayed for one another or we still keep to have the love of Christ us.

First of all, I still say give thanks to God who always blesses me to receive the good and bad things, sometime sufficiency and sometime lacking. Even though I still know that God never change or leave me alone but most of times when I have prayed for some things and take too long time but God is still not response to me or even my Team Work they never care about me then I fell discourage. Even though for recently I proud of my friend Chantha and his wife before they came to help us in the Church they went to work in Thailand then they have known some of Khmers people who work with them, Fortunately they try to share the good news to a couple who close to them like a close friend, but at that time they met another couple for a wife has accepted Christ but her husband is not accepted Christ yet. Occasionally when they met each other they have encourage one another and share the gospel to her husband from that time until now Chantha and his wife have left them but they still have a good relationship with them, After they left for a half year then her husband has received Christ occasionally when they came to their hometown in Khmer New Year they let me to do the Baptism for them, their son and prayed for accepting Christ the same day.

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