Church Fellowhip Before Khmer New Year

TOL Grace Church Fellowship on Tuesday 9th April 2019

Occasionally before Khmer new year in our Church have celebrate a small fellowship in this case we have encourage one another to be strong enough, Faithful to God and could take sometime to serve God.

Even though I've just been a Pastor only nearly two years but I can see some changing in serving God, once again I could understand the true calling and how to be a good leader like Jesus is our example. when we come to the present of the Lord we have to be humble or responsible for His calling and how to live as Christian Life it means we live as Jesus desires.

Fellowship And Playing Khmer Traditional Game

Then we have join to play some game especially we have payed Khmer Traditional Game
so we have divided into four steps 
The First Step Children play with the Children
The second step the Teenagers with Teenagers
The third step the youths with us 
The Fourth step the older with the older

Then before finished we have celebrated about washing the feet of Church Elders
Why we have done these thing ? what is the important of how to wash disciples feet in the new testament Bible? and what does it mean? the reason why we've done this because we follow what Jesus has done with His disciples likewise, our Church members have celebrate washing feet to our elder members.
Instead of washing feet of them unfortunately this season is too hot so we did not only wash feet but have took a bath for them by showing honorable and respectful to them

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