How to Grow Spiritually


Use this 13-session nonsecular growth course to debate the way to pursue an intimate relationship with God. This course appearance at the way to repent, manage anger, imitate Christ, abandoning of guilt, and forgive others. It conjointly covers topics like grace and sin, spirituality these days, and keys to nonsecular growth.

Week 1
Spirituality for TodayModern spirituality begins and ends with the self; Christian spirituality, with the Alpha and Omega.

Week 2
How to RepentWe've returned to suppose our religion is concerning comfort. It's not.

Week 3
Does the Conversion amendment Your Personality? In the realm of mental soundness and private peace, Sigmund Freud had nothing on C.S. Lewis.

Week 4
Why I do not Imitate ChristThe Christian life isn't a game of Simon says.

Week 5
Too Much StuffGive it away before it controls you.

Week 6
Letting Go of GuiltThe early warning signs

Week 7
What's provision Your Anger? Help for the anger you are feeling

Week 8
When It's onerous to LoveDoes it ever gets easier to like cruel or offensive people?

Week 9
The Key to nonsecular GrowthRelationships will unlock the deeper elements of the United States of America|folks|people} and direct us to authentic non-secular development.

Week 10
Growth Through MentoringThe way forward for the church is mentor multiplication.

Week 11
Full of Grace and Sinan we tend to continue in sin even when we've given our lives to Christ?

Week 12
Finding God in Our PainHow can we be of our suffering?

Week 13
Forgiving from the heart how can we recognize we've got actually forgiven?

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