Is it Still Effective to Preach the Gospel in Today's Culture?


 pricey Roger, 
 I even have talked to several young pastors United Nations agency that said that to evangelize the easy message of salvation is antique and ineffective in our Post-Christian culture. Some say that nobody can ever “come all the way down to the front of the church” to confess their religion in a prophet or to urge baptized in public. I perceive the argument that the message of the Gospel has an excessive amount of “Christianese” language that's laborious for the unchurched person to grasp, however, can we preach to a pagan, secularised culture? I'm from the older generation and that I wish to grasp. What does one think? 
 Sincerely, Jana 
 pricey Jana, 

 Let the American state begin by speech communication that being a pastor may be an intimidating task. it's a high career. he's on the front lines of a nonsecular battle. Pray for your pastor and support him in each approach you'll be able to. I do know however laborious it's to be in his shoes. 
 I’d wish to use Paul’s words in Romans 1:16 to start my answer. 
  “For I'm not penitent of the gospel, as a result of it's the facility of God that brings salvation to everybody United Nations agency believes…” 
 Pastors Face Lies, Excuses, and Tension 
 Pastors, here area unit my reflections: 
 The lie: Sharing the gospel these days in a very post-truth, post-Christian culture is tougher then sharing the gospel within the 1st century. 

 The excuse: we have a tendency to don’t wish to offend the seeker once they come back to church. It’s laborious enough to urge them through the door anyway. 
 The tension: the way to clearly preach and teach the Gospel and reach those that don't have any understanding of God, biblical truth, or ethical values. 

 1. Let’s Begin with the stagnate Sharing the Gospel 
 is that the culture of these days very that completely different from biblical times? The Roman world was unbelievably perverse and impious. Christians were crucified and incinerated. all kinds of iniquity were practiced: homosexualism, bestiality, creative activity, vice crime, and kid molestation. The list goes on and on. 

 the traditional world was fully pagan. Christians were thought-about to be traitors to the empire, freaks, and destroyers of the Judaic religion. They were conjointly thought-about crazy for basic cognitive process somebody may come from the dead. 
 Our current society is far an equivalent as its ancient counterpart. 
 I usually make a case for the method of leading somebody to Christ as a time. One finish, “1” is complete cognitive content of the Bible or nonsecular ideas. On the opposite finish, “10” may be a committed, mature follower of Christ. 

 Generations past, most non-Christians had a casual data of the Bible, were nominal church attenders, and had a westernized read of God. They were thought-about to be a five. 
 Now, most non-believers area unit at negative ten. They don’t grasp any Bible, they need no plan of United Nations agency God or prophet is, and that they definitely don’t grasp words like “sin, salvation, and compunction.” 

 Preaching to today’s non-believer usually should begin with one. however, if we have a tendency to don’t reach ten, we've failed our mission and our Savior. 
 2. What’s the Excuse for Not Sharing the Gospel? 
 we have a tendency to don’t wish to offend the seeker once they come back to church, or alienate our non-Christian friends. 
 Greg Stier, the student discourse pastor, poses an associate degree intriguing question: 
 “Why area unit we have a tendency to therefore afraid to share our faith? It’s like sharing with an individual United Nations agency is poor that simply|they only|they merely|they simply|they solely} won the Lottery (only better)! 

 It’s like sharing with a cancer victim that you just discovered the cure for cancer (only better)! 
 It’s the best romance within the history of the world! 
 It’s like telling associate degree orphan that they’ve been adopted into the family of the richest person within the universe (well, that’s specifically what it is),” 
 What smart News! 

 however, let’s not be na├»ve. simply because we have a tendency to preach the nice News of Christ doesn't mean unbelievers can settle for it. The Bible teaches that folks can reject the message of Christ as a result of Old Nick has unsighted their minds. we have a tendency to wage war for people’s souls.  

 “If the nice News that we have a tendency to tell isn't clear to some folks, it's as a result of they're lost. they are doing not believe.” – a pair of Corinthians 4:3 
 David Kinnaman, president of relates his insights from their research: 
 “We should persuade younger Christians that discourse is a necessary observe of the following prophet. the info shows monumental ambivalence among Millennials, particularly, regarding the career to share their religion with others.” 

 Kinnaman continues, “Cultivating deep, steady, resilient Christian conviction is troublesome in a very world of ‘you do you’ and ‘don’t criticize anyone’s life choices’ and emotivism, the feelings-first priority that our culture makes some way of life. the maximum amount as ever, discourse isn’t with regards to saving the damned, however reminding ourselves that these things matter, that the Bible is trustworthy which prophet changes everything.” 

 3. Here’s the stress – the way to gift the Gospel this “seeker-friendly” church philosophy is this: bring a seeker within the door, get them into a tiny low cluster and so share the message of Christ with them within the context of private relationships with believers. 
 There area unit 3 attainable issues with this philosophy. The first, most attenders ne'er head to a tiny low cluster, so that they leave church ne'er knowing the gospel. Second, little cluster leaders don't seem to be forever equipped to steer and follower others. Third, Christians these days rarely knowledge to steer an individual to Christ. 

 My married woman and that I usually teach a Navigators 2:7 cluster in our church. I like this program as a result of it teaches a replacement believer the way to grow and culminates in “on the job” coaching to share the message of Christ with others. 
 Shepherds, our church “flock” should be rigorously and by choice trained to form the hand-off. they have to perceive the Gospel to require their lost sheep from one to ten. 
 conjointly the Bible clearly teaches that a replacement believer should provide a public confession of religion. 

 Jesus’ final commission to His disciples: 
 “Go thus and build disciples of all nations, baptizing them within the name of the daddy and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…” – Matthew 28:19. 
 the sacrament may be a public profession of religion in Christ. it's designed to image the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth before men. several churches area unit creating sacrament personal expertise simply with the family, very similar to baptism was within the past. Larger churches could eliminate this observe as a result of service time is proscribed, therefore sacrament before the congregation isn’t possible. Others don’t name as a result of few attendees have come back to Christ. 

 I even have attended several inventive churches United Nations agencies hold their sacrament services in associate degree atrium, near the athletic facility, or set up sacrament services within the sanctuary at a time aside from Sunday morning. however, a sacrament is public! affirmation prophet before men isn't ex gratia. I conjointly love once the new Christian truly offers his or her testimony before being baptized. 

  “Therefore whoever confesses American state before men, him I will be able to conjointly confess before My Father United Nations agency is in heaven. however whoever denies American state before men, him I will be able to conjointly deny before My Father United Nations agency is in heaven.” – Matthew 10:32-33 

 Let the American state be clear. I even have several pricey pastor friends United Nations agency sleep in closed countries. affirmation Christianity brazenly may be a death sentence. nonetheless, they preach bravely, God works powerfully and also the church thrives. 
 the instant we expect we have a tendency to should improve, modify, or preach God’s Word by selection is that the day we should always get out of the platform. No quantity of humor, stories (although I feel they're essential to interact with the listener), or technology can substitute for teaching and preaching the Bible. The Word of God changes lives. 
 we have a tendency to can not be penitent of the Gospel 
 Pastor Brandon Hilgeman writes: 

 “Preaching the Gospel in each sermon is much quite one thing we have a tendency to hang on to the top of a sermon with associate degree altar call; it's the terrible foundation of Christian belief. The Gospel is the key to decoding Scripture. The Gospel is the central theme of the apostles’ preaching. The Gospel saves America from the entice of works morality. The Gospel applies to each space of our lives and can ne'er get boring. No sermon is complete until the Gospel has been preached.” 
 “Preach authoritatively. The authority for America is that the Word of God. Preach with simplicity...Preach with urgency...heaven and hell area unit at stake. Preach for a call.” – revivalist 
 Love, Roger 

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