TOL Grace Church Mission

Hi, Brethren in Christ please keep to pray for sister Saruem and sister Nak, now their family situation is not good, for sister Saruen now her husband went a way to work but for a few month he never send her some money for supporting her family and she also has pregnant for three months. for a few weeks ago she doesn't have any enough food to eat and face with lacking and needing too.

Once again please keep to pray for sister Nak also, she's just gotten surgery for a few weeks then after she went to got treatment at Ang Doung Referral Hospital and no one else who can earn some money to support her family beside her, in this case, the doctor had said that she should have to stop working for a few months if she still work, her sickness will become worst like before, but now unfortunately her husband has got sickness and laid down on the bed then no one can earn money for supporting their family.

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