A Small Fellowship On Sunday 22nd March 2020 Evening


On Sunday Evening 22nd March 2020, TOL Grace Church have celebrated a small fellowship, Instead of nowadays is effected by COVID-19 we have to trust God and pray to Him. 

While all the people in the world are concerning for coronavirus we take some time to make a fellowship party with our close friend, Brother in law, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Some students, and also our neighbor. I hope you guys you can like, share, and subscribe our Channel for new update. Contact us by Tel:(855)0884787447/093344206/Email: kimsororn@gmail.com/Facebook: KimSororn/Twitter:https://twitter.com/KhmerPopPost/LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/kim-sororn-9553a2138/you can go to our website: www.gcgc.online, Thanks, May God Bless you all bad circumstances and success in serving life.

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