Bring Some Pack Of Rice To Give Church Members

Bring -Some -Pack- Of- Rice- To -Give- Church- Members

Give Thank to God Last day I and my English Student had brought some pack of rice to give my Church members, In this case, We have prayed for one another, Encourage one another, Share the Love of Christ, Pray for old widow lady who got sickness, and share the gospel to the villagers.

Beside, we memorize a lady even though She has got family or son and daughters but she discouraged and became a drunken lady but after she believed God for one year now she could release from drunken. now she cannot stop from drunken but she learn to stop. We hope that one day she will stop drinking wine.

Then we passed by to visit our Church member who live near the mountain, there is no water to use, most people there don't have ability to connect the water supply. for the rainy season they can have water to use enough because, It has rain but for the dry season they don't have water to use. and they go to draw water from the far place. then we pray for them to have enough water to use even in rainy and dry season

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