Serey Cell Group Hygienic Event


On Sunday March 15th 2020 Afternoon, TOL Grace Church Great Commission and TOL Boribo Grace Church was cooperated together to make Hygienic Program for cleaning hair, clean the lice, and cut fingers nail for the kids who live in Serey village, Instead of 35 kids have had join our event including some of us even though the young and the old from Toulroka and Kampong Chhnang about 55. In this case, we have shared the gospel to the kids, sing the song of praise, worshipping God and teach them to sing the song of praising God together. Actually, we are companion of serving God and deserve for the truth, Seeking for the Kingdom of Christ as result we will got the crown and eternal life as our rwarded and we also some part of Kampong Chhnang Inter Denomination Pastoral Association.

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