TOL Grace Church Elders Hygienic Program


On March 8th 2020 is a Women's Right Day, Instead of our Church have had celebrated a Hygienic Program for our church elders, In this case, we had invited four unbelievers to join with us to hear and see what God wants us to do for His people, even though sometime it is hard for us but we want to serve God through serving one another,

Tree of  Life Grace Church Great Commission Worshiping On Sunday, March 8, 2020 Sunday Service On March 8 2020 After worship in the morning, we will hold a Women's Day for the Elderly In this Chapel of the Church, we have organized a cleaning, Take a bath and bath program for the seniors and their dance can be reached by calling (0884787447/093344206) or E-mail: / Facebook: Kim Sororn / Or you can visit Thank you God Bless, Health and Success in all Your Work.

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