TOL Grace Church Mission Trip To Wat Thnal Village


Last day our Team Work went to Wat Thnal village, on the way side we see good scenery, we saw the green grass, some flowers, some villagers, and farmers. Then while we are travelling we can get the fresh air and see the beautiful forest on river side, then about few hours we saw a lady farmer was cleaning the green grass in her farm, Immediately, I went forward to meet her by asking her did you come her alone?  Why did not you afraid or fear? Then she replied no, she did not fear because she has got a big knife on her hand. But it is only the introduction of my interview, then I continue to ask her did you plant the same plant every years? And answered no, some she has changed some kind of plants, then about a few minutes later we left her and continue our trip to Wat Thnal village.


            The main reasoning why we went there, the first time we only went to visit there then later on when we saw it is visible for us to evangelize, share the gospel, preaching and communicate with them then we will do it. Even though nowadays most of people fear or concerning the COVID-19 but as we are the servants of God we still continue our running until the end of outlives because God calls us to serve Him.

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