After Finished our Mission We Come To The Field To Prepare A Lunch Time There

TOL Grace Church Mission Trip To Boribo District, On Sunday 5th April 2020, Our Church Team Work go to Boribo district to visit our Cell group members, Encouragement, Comforting, Stimulating, and Preach God’s Word, In this case, We go house by house and village by village for a whole day from the morning until the evening, Because of COVID-19 every things start to change.

Exactly, we feel hot or tired but we cannot stop from serving God, we know that God calls us to serve Him this means we have to serve one another. But when we do that someone asked us do you fear Coronavirus or COVID-19? The we say yes, and next we replied but we fear God first, the man or virus can kill only our body but God can kill even our Soul and Spirit. We acknowledge that God limited our live when we were born and the life when we die. We hope that this quote are more encourage you and me to trust God more and more.

On the away when we arrived the house of cell group leader Hong Sinann then at back of her has a big well, for this is a dry season the water was dry up then we saw some fish then go in to catch them, in case, we had catch so many fish, Crab, Frog and Snake. Once again we keep them alive to make it as delicious food. Few hours ago we continue to some of our cell groups until noontime. After we finished our Mission, we passed by to Koh Tamov village to prepare a lunch time, at the river side, there we can get the fresh air and see a good scenery around us. Our team rush to prepare food, cooking, grilling some snake and fish and frog. Even though this season is too hot but when we come to the field still can get fresh air. Then for few minutes later every things is ready the we join food fellowship happily. Thanks God blesses you all circumstances.

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