Because of COVID-19, Sunday Service House By House

Sunday 29/3/2020, TOL Grace Church Great Commission have a Mission Trip, Because of COVID-19, Sunday Service House by House, In this mission the first journey we go to mountain cell group Trea Jerng village, Next we go to Andoung Rouer Sey village, Next we continue to Trea Tboung village.


In this case, I have brought my wife, my both son, Sister Mialtey, Chantha and his wife Rathana. We go house by house, village by village to share the gospel, encourage one another, worship God with them, preaching God’s Word to them and Train them to trust God, to know God more, abide with Him. Because of COVID-19 it makes us more hardship but we don’t blame God, when we saw these things happen we memorize in the Scripture Matthew24:6-8 it is show us about the sign of second coming of Christ then I took these verse to preach to my Church members.

Even though COVID -19 is violate or suspicious or waste to us and we have to be careful and be cleaned or must be protected ourselves or our hand from it, but we don’t fear for the good news of Christ, we must serve Him even though we are in the valley of the died because it is our duties to bear more fruit for Christ Jesus and go to tell the world to hear His Word, for repentance of sin, stop worshiping the idol, turn back to God to get Saved.

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