TOL Grace Church Mission Trip On 25th Aprill 2020

Last day I and my first son Della went to Boribo district, after that we passed by have lunch at our cell group member house at Aunty Hong Sinann. Then after we have finished our lunch time we forward to Serey village. It is about 30 minutes just we arrived there, when we arrived there we have met many elders there who have faith, even though nowadays, 

many people fear the coronavirus, or covid-19. But I also appreciate most of them they don’t fear the covid-19, but they always clean their hand with sampoo or soup. Even though we trust God but we have to be clever enough then we can be safety from the virus, even though it is hot weather or high temperature but they still enjoy to come and worship God. 

Even we were stopped to have the meeting at the church but we don’t stop to worship God house by house and village by village because, we are serving the truth, Living God, the Creator and the savior. When we arrived there all of them are very happy and get worm welcoming by the love of Christ. After about two hours then we finished our meeting and we say good bye to one another.

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