TOL Grace Church Mission Trip On Sunday 3rd May 2020

Last day I and my wife went to visit our cell group member at Boribo district, it takes about 40 minutes just we've arrived there. The first house where we arrived is Hong Sinann's house she is one our cell group leader at Boribo and she is very faithful one among some cell group leaders there, even she too old but she is very humble who has a servant leadership, she is always taking care of cell group members when some of them have got sickness she calls to me and senior Pastor to pray 
and come to visit them. 

Even though sometime she cannot come to visit them directly but she is so sincerely to call by phone to visit them and pray for them all.
instead of she always remind me to do the will of God and commit my time to Him, sometime I forget to some things but she is one reminder like alarm clock, especially she has prayed for all us without ceasing and still remember for us.I proud of her.  

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