At this time, many clinics in Liberia are not safe.  Our clinics and
hospitals are not equipped with medicines and nurses don’t have enough
or the proper PPE. The nurses that work in those institutions may not
be protected for they have to work in many other areas, even their own
respective homes. With this, no one trusts them or what they use for
treatment. When one has Coronavirus in our nation, the type of
treatment we have here cannot be compared to anything good. When you
are taken to the center, they are without electricity, without good
beds and even without medicines. Some people have been saying that at
the center, one has to be confined to the building when suspected with
the virus, for three to four days before taking a proper test. There
are no test kits. 

The day that they take you to the center by
ambulance, one has to stay in that ambulance for three to four hours
before you are taken in the treatment center. Inside the center, there
is much abuse of human rights and not even any food for the patients.
Even in our respective communities, we have numerous human rights
violations committed by security personnel and some government
officials. The human rights societies are very silent on this matter
because they may be dealt with like the  journalists who tried to tell
the world of those abuses. Journalists have also been forbidden from
interviewing the active Covid-19 patients or even those that are
healed at these centers. During the Ebola crisis in Liberia, when one
was taken to the treatment center, it was unusual to come back home
alive. The government needed to have an increased number of confirmed
cases as well as an increased number of dead to capture the minds of
the international community to receive more money from these outside

But that money was not used to treat or help sick people.
The responsibility for that was transferred from the government to
NGO’s-Non-Government Organizations, such as Samaritan’s Purse & Doctor
Without Borders (Medicins Sans Frontieres).  What we learned was that
during that time, those that were taken to the treatment center could
possibly be killed in other to have the required reports meet the
targets of the International community for monetary assistance.  It is
out of governmental corruption and greed that such wickedness is
carried out in Liberia. I even witnessed a case during that time when
someone was pressured to take those pills that were killing people in
the hospitals but he didn’t.  He hid the pills and pretended to have
taken them. So many other people died of other sicknesses and they
were not treated at all. This is the reason if one has Coronavirus in
Liberia, he will not go to the treatment center, not only because of
its stigma in the community but also because of the risk of dying in
that treatment center.  

There is also much confusing misinformation
coming from the Ministry of Health.Please consider praying for
Liberia.  Our people are having to choose once again between what
seems to be the lesser of two harms.  At this time in Liberia many are
praying not to get sick with even malaria or any other sickness. If
one is sick and is inside his home, he may feel trapped there because
of these fears. It is also possible that he will  be chased through an
investigation with the team of young people the government has
deployed into various communities.  These young people are everywhere,
asking who is sick so that they can take that sick person to the
Coronavirus treatment center. People have no freedom at all at this
time.  Our minds are worried and our time outside of our homes is very

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