Visiting the churches at Toulroka and cut the wast chain

 We have visited the Boribo Church members then they accepted by making meal for us and we have eaten their food fully, it is very Delicious food which have the truth love of Christ there. in this case, they have talked some things to encourage one another by blessing word, then for a few hours they invited to couple house nearby two of the before have accepted Christ as Lord and Savior but because of they always about flesh more than God then they stop believing in Him, but one day while her husband went away to work she and her son and daughter stayed at home then she has got sickness but that kind of sickness is waste and so scare full like zombies by eating beef and pork without cooking. unfortunately her family try to bring her to many doctors and Khrou khmer for getting the good treatment but the symptom are more waste than before likewise her relative and her husband invited us to pray then we have cut off the wast chain and she accepted God again then now she is 100 percent recovery from her sickness. for her husband and they whole family decided to come back to God and stop worship the idol, Thanks God for accepted them again!!   

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